MEEZ Warranty Policy

Meez Jewelry encourages our customers to visit us at every 6 months for product maintenance to have your jewelries be at their most beautiful, and minimize the risk of serious damage or loosing center stone.
Our warranty policy may change according to our policy for different product lines and promotions from time to time.

06 months warranty for technical errors, rhodium plated. Resize ring size within 3 sizes (Except for special designs that cannot be resized) : FREE ONCE Products are broken, broken, cracked due to external impact, deformation due to temperature, and corrosive due to chemicals.
Extend or shorten necklaces, bracelet and anklet (Except for special designs that cannot be resized): FREE ONCE Lost diamonds (center and side dia inclusive)
Wash and clean the product: FREE LIFE TIME The product is not from Meez Jewelry or Meez Jewelry’s products appear to be altered, affected or repaired by any vendors who are not in Meez’s system.
Polishing, refreshing: FREE TWICE/2 YEARS No original invoice, certifications
Customer provided incorrect invoice  information.