1. Does MEEZ accept customer samples?
We have services for custom made order. Please contact the consultant via the store’s hotline or directly inbox the consultant via zalo on the company’s website.

2. I am overseas, how do I order and receive the goods?
Currently we do not support ordering and delivery services outside of Vietnam. If you want to buy jewelry at MEEZ store, you can choose the product you like, ask your relatives to pay and receive the goods.
You can choose to deliver locally or pick up at the store.

3. Do I have any special offers when I order online?
MEEZ has a customer support policy when ordering online:
Order received at the store immediately receive a discount code applied at the time of ordering.
Free nationwide shipping with standard orders.

4. Can I order online with installment payment?
Currently we do not apply installment payment service in Vietnam

5. I placed an order successfully, when will it be confirmed?
Customers will receive a successful order notification email as soon as they place an order. MEEZ consultant will contact or confirm SMS with you to inform about delivery time.


1. How many payment methods does MEEZ support?
We support cash payment, ATM Credit Card, Visa/ Mastercard, VNPay payment or Transfer payment.

2. Is it possible to buy goods with Visa/ Mastercard?
We support Visa/MasterCard payment by swiping card directly at the store

3. I have placed an order online and have made payment but have not received a successful payment notification, how should I check?
In case there is a payment error, please contact the store or send a message via zalo directly on the fanpage, our consultant will assist you and confirm the order quickly.

4. I want to issue Company Invoice/Electronic Invoice?
All MEEZ orders are invoiced. In case you need to issue an invoice to the company, please provide complete information in the notes section with the following contents:
Company name: ………….
Tax code: ……………
Address: …………………


1. How is MEEZ’s shipping fee calculated?
We offer free nationwide shipping with standard orders

2. How long is the standard delivery time?
Delivery time from 2-10 working days depending on the receiving area:
• Hanoi: 1-4 working days
• Other provinces: 7-10 working days
* The above delivery time is for reference only, actual time may fluctuate sooner or later depending on product inventory status, delivery address and some other objective conditions.
* For make-to-order orders, the delivery time will be added to the production time. The consultant will notify you in detail when confirming the order with you.

3. Can I check the product before I receive it?
“We encourage customers to inspect the product at the time of receipt from the carrier.
The box must have the company’s seal intact.
Customers have the right to open the goods to check the goods inside the box.
Customers record videos during the goods inspection process so that problems can be easily handled.
We commit that the product sent to the customer has been checked for quality with the purchase information on your order. In the rare case that the product a customer receives is defective, damaged or not as described, we are committed to protecting our customers with a Purchase Policy and Warranty Policy.

4. I want to place an order abroad, can MEEZ support delivery?
Please feel free contact our consultant at Reservation Page

5. Will the delivery man call me before delivery? Can I request a different delivery time because I can’t pick up my order by appointment?
Delivery staff will call you before delivery.
In case you are busy and cannot receive the goods, please reschedule the time with the delivery staff or contact the hotline  0867802860  for a consultant to assist you.

6. I want to order Online, can I receive it at the store?
You can order online and pick up at the store


1. I just bought a ring at the store but it doesn’t fit, can I exchange it?
We have free size adjustment support for the first time for customers. Please contact your consultant directly for quick support

2. I just bought a ring but I want to change it to another design?
You can exchange products within 72 hours according to Meez’s 72-hour Exchange Policy. After 72 hours, we will apply the current exchange policy. Please refer to the exchange policy here: Exchange and Buyback Policy

3. My ring is tarnished, does the company support renewing?
We have product refresh support. Please bring the ring to the store or contact the hotline for specific instructions.

4. I just bought the earrings, haven’t used it yet but they are broken, can I exchange it?
Step 1:  Contact our Hotline: 0867802860  to meet with a consultant, inbox fanpage or email to mailbox and provide the following information:
• Order number
• Product’s name
• Product defect (detailed description and photo if any)
• Need for support: exchange/ return/ warranty

Step 2:  Receive product instructions to be exchanged, returned and packaged.
After the request is accepted, you will be guided by our staff on how to pack the product you want to exchange/return with an invoice.

Step 3: Wait for the delivery staff to collect and send back the correct product
Please wait for the staff to return the product within 3-7 working days:
Some note:
• Pack and dunk the product as original to ensure no damage during transportation.
• Enclose the invoice MEEZ issued to you in the first product.


1. What types of member cards does MEEZ have?
Please refer to the information about the membership card class at the link:

2. Can I use my points with other promotions?
You can use accumulated points with other promotional programs as prescribed

3. When can I use my accumulated points?
You can use the accumulated points of your current bill for your next purchase at MEEZ’s system

4. Can I save the accumulated points to upgrade the card?
You have the right to use the accumulated points to buy goods or upgrade the card.


1. What kind of tests do the company’s diamonds have?
We have a GIA accreditation issued by the Gemological Institute of America
We have GIV accreditation issued by the Vietnam Gems and Jewelry Institute

2. Does the company have a gold inspection?
We have the GIV gold content test issued by the Vietnam Gems and Jewelry Institute.